London’s Houses by Vicky Wilson

london's houses vicky wilsonShutting the door on the world outside and embarking on a journey through an historic house releases the magic of time travel.

London has an amazing range of houses regularly open to the public, and this book covers them all. From workhouse to palace, London’s Houses spans six centuries and features architects from Inigo Jones to Ernö Goldfinger and a cast of characters including Queen Elizabeth I, Dr Johnson, Benjamin Franklin, William Morris and Jimi Hendrix. With architectural and social history, biographies and practical information, this book provides everything visitors need to plan a trip back through the ages.

‘This book is not a guidebook so much as a personal invitation to the best homes in London, from poorhouse to palace, from Ben Franklin’s to Sherlock Holmes’, Dickens’ to Dr Johnson’s. Vicky Wilson writes knowledgeably about bricks and mortar – but also about the people who lived in these houses across the ages. Her book makes you feel as if you know them as well as their homes.’ Ann Treneman, The Times

The new edition of London’s Houses is now available in full colour, with several new entries and major revisions for sites that have received revamps.

London’s Houses by Vicky Wilson, Metro Publications, ISBN 978-1-9902910-3609

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